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Sep 14, 2018

From GetYourNewsOnWithRon: Beto was a punk, is he still? Brett Kavanaugh's influence on Net Neutrality, Jimmy Carter's odd advice and more!

Special Thanks to Angie Dorin, Jeff Epstein, Craig "Pasta" Jardula, Storie Grubb, and Joe Sakata.

From GetYourNewsOnWithRon.


Sep 7, 2018


Who Wrote the OpEd? What the duo #NetNeutrality bills in California mean and where we're at, Colin Kaepernick and Nike, and checking in on the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Angie Dorin rocks a Monkey Minute. Jeff Epstein on the one's and two's on the theme song.

From GetYourNewsOnWithRon.


Aug 31, 2018


Google is helping China with censorship efforts, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats help Trump, and we've got an #MMT crash course from this week's guest, Jeff Epstein of Citizen Media TV.

Angie Dorin rocks a Monkey Minute.

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Aug 24, 2018

From GetYourNewsOnWithRon, The world's first viewer-curated news show. 

Prisoners across the country stand up for their rights The courts are helping our continued Net Neutrality fight Donald Trump learned money laundering ain’t worth it to save a buck Chelsea Clinton might run for office, and nobody gives a... 

Aug 17, 2018


Aretha Franklin, Rest In Power, I'm starting a task force, comedian and organizer Josh Androsky talks about Public Banking, and FCC head Ajit Pai faced a Senate Hearing.

Angie Dorin rocks a Monkey Minute.

Special thanks to guest Josh Androsky